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Tampa Meeting Rooms: 5 Things to do Before You Book!

madisonDowntown Tampa is in the midst of revitalization. Every week, it seems there is some new development, project or initiative to promote and attract professional development. Now, the downtown core, once an area of missed opportunity and massive potential is seeing a turnaround. Downtown Tampa’s reinvention as a bustling urban hub has elevated it from a secondary market to a commercial powerhouse teeming with activity and growth.

While the Westshore business district of Tampa has historically been popular among out-of-town professionals as a meeting point due to its proximity to the airport, Tampa’s downtown is quickly surpassing it as the preferred meeting point. Downtown Tampa’s walkable urban core, high density of restaurants and retail shops along with its accessibility to transit are positioning it as a hot market for professional meeting room needs in Tampa.

Before booking your next Tampa meeting room, here are five helpful tips everyone should follow!

Get to know the Area

In most cases, consumers of hourly and daily conference space that we see are from out of town; either road warriors meeting clients, or traveling executives who need to meeting with their regional team.

If you’re coming from out of town and need to book a conference room, find out where that space is located. Is it easily accessible? Will you be near hotels and restaurants? Is it close to the courthouse?

Find Available Meeting Rooms

You may be wondering where to actually find hourly conference space. Luckily, many conference and meeting room spaces advertise on aggregated listing sites. There are several major platforms online available for you to search and book space. The following sites can be used to book Tampa meeting rooms:

These platforms are comprised of a network of partner venues. You can search availability and pricing for meeting rooms in your desired area. Also, you can do a simple web search for more complete listings that may not be included on the above platforms.

View Pictures

Before you commit to any hourly meeting room venue, make sure you view photos of the location. Request them, if none are listed. There is nothing worse than showing up to a ill-equipped or unprofessional venue.

Review Amenities

Make sure the meeting space has what you need before booking it. If you need audio/visual hook-ups or teleconferencing equipment, make sure it is available prior to showing up there. You don’t want to lose face with your clients or colleagues by scrambling to find a location that fits your needs at the last minute or having to reschedule to find a new venue.

Contact the Venue Prior to Arrival

One of the most important things you should do before arriving for a reservation is to contact the venue. Space managers can answer any questions you may have about directions or the room itself, whether you need directions, parking or other needs. They may even be able to recommend restaurants or coffee shops to hit after your meeting.





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