Website Design

designAre you in need of website design? Confused on where to start looking? We don’t blame you, there are so many vendors out there that promise the world and then fail to deliver on their design promises. We aim to take the pain out of the process and deliver you with a fully functional website that not only looks the part, but offers a user-friendly navigation experience as well.

When researching for your perfect partner in web design, take the time to read through the client testimonials of the prospective firm. Great design firms will proudly display their services and the potential they have to offer you for your site, all while backing their claims up with genuine testimonials from satisfied clients.

We aim to provide you with the best website design service that suits your budget and meets your expectations, our focus is on client satisfaction through affordable, innovative design solutions.

Custom animated video

cubixFamous brands have a great fan following. The loyalty of the fan following is with the fundamental idea behind the services and product. This notion about a service/product has to be offered in an attractive manner.

The difficulty is that people have a short span of attention. They move over details which is not attractive. What can’t engage them has to move. Thus, your service or product is the most excellent in the market, you are questionable to engage prospective clients in case you can’t inform them what you need to offer. Thus how custom animated video make popular your brand name?

These videos are highly effective to catch the attention of audience. An unexpected move, an unusual or startling animated scene, or an order of computer operated special effects, are only things that simply catch audience’s attention. Such type of assignation is the precondition to interconnecting your brand to the objective audience.

Famous brands give their target people a great user involvement from the whole thing they want to give. This starts with the material that they wish to give. A video provides business the chance to deliver idea of their business, service or product in an engaging and compelling manner within some minutes.

Heat pump and solar heating

smartclimaA heat pump refers to a device that is used to provide heat from the source of heat to another destination, heat sink. This device typically moves thermal energy in an opposite direction of spontaneous heat flow. This is achieved by absorbing heat from a cold space, and releasing it to a warmer space. A good example of a heat pump is a freezer. On the other hand, solar heating collects heat by absorbing sunlight. Through enhanced technology, solar heating has proved effective as well as efficiency given that it allows for heating of homes through the use of energy stored in the roof. Both solar heating and heat pumps seek to derive heat from other sources of energy so as to mitigate costs.

The two systems of heating have their differences with regards to advantages and disadvantages.

Heat pumps


With heat pumps, installation is fairly easy sine it does not require intricate plumbing.  A heat pump also requires minimum space, and does not have to be installed on a roof since it can be installed outdoors.

With dependable supply of electricity, heat pump can b used to heat water through out since it relies on electricity. Moreover, it can save up to about 50 percent of the energy needed for heating water, this being between 20 and 30 percent saving on the total electricity cost of a household.


Some of the disadvantages of this system include the fact that it requires a lot of maintenance. Moreover, the quality of water used may affect the functioning of the system where hard water, with high levels of calcium may solidify at the bottom of the tank.

Solar water heater

Depending on the warranty, solar water heater may last for between 5 and 10 years. The quality of water used also has less influence on the functioning on the system. Given that the thermostat and element are being used only about 10 percent of the time, they last for a long time.

On the other hand, solar heating installed on the roof does not rely much on electricity when there is sunlight. The systems used will typically have a backup element, and thus the household can be assured of hot water regardless of the weather.

Given that solar heating can save up to about 90 percent of the household’s heating costs, between 40 to 50 percent of the total electricity bill could be saved.

One of the disadvantages of this system issue to the fact that installation costs as well as capital upfront investment may be high. Moreover, this system will only work best when there is sunlight.

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