Do you need help with your small business

businessDo you need help with your small business? Being a small business owner require dedication and determination, but there is another well-overlooked aspect of success that evades most micropreneurs. Business guidance and mentorship is a critical aspect of founding the framework for small business success.

Having someone that understands your situation and has walked the paths that you find yourself treading in everyday business life is an indispensable asset to your knowledge base and your future execution of your strategy in small business. Knowledge is power, and knowledge that is met with correct execution is real power and success. Make sure that you have access to a mentor that can guide you through the pitfalls of the small business environment.

You cannot put a value on receiving quality advice and guidance in your business life cycle, it could mean the difference between a lost company and brand, or industry dominance.

Here is another important term for you in swing trading and that is, dollar volume liquidity!

alphaIf you are just an amateur or a beginner at swing trading, you need to be aware of the fact that you definitely need to do your homework to make sure that you succeed as you may be aware, your knowledge or lack of it, may determine the potential success or failure you may have at swing trading. I don’t know about you but, I want to be successful at what I do and in this case, my job is to inform you on everything you need to know about swing trading terms and strategies. One of them is dollar volume liquidity. In this article, I will show a bit about it and you will see how this term will help you at being a better swing trader.


What does it mean?


You know how for some swing traders, it is very important to see how price is behaving and changing on a constant basis to make their swing trading decisions while actively trading. Well, when analyzing dollar volume liquidity, a swing trader must analyze whether a stock is high when it comes to liquidity since this means that for you, it will be a lot easier to buy, sell, enter and exit stock positions without even having to think about influencing on the price as the stock is super high in liquidity.


How does a stock achieve being high in liquidity?


Did you think this would just magically happen? Well, think again. These types of stock are the result of when there is very high attention coming from all investors and the stock is being constantly traded on a really high and major exchange. This is the formula that successfully makes a stock high in liquidity and a lot more attractive to investors in swing trading.

How can I even achieve to identify a highly liquid stock?


There are some key factors that will definitely help you in determining this. One of them is the sign that it is being seen. If you see there is a positive sign, then let me tell you my friend, you are being faced with a highly liquid stock. So, make sure you are always aware of all the new stock alerts to identify these stocks!

5 Tips to finding the right new Business opportunities

repairAre you looking to create another income stream with a solid product that has high demand? Finding a new business opportunity that offers a turn-key system, already established and ready for you to execute on in a rare thing in today’s world, but with the power of the internet and information age at hand, anyone with an internet connection now has plenty of new ideas presented to them on a daily basis. We put together this list of 5 tips for you to consider when thinking of involving yourself in any new start-up business opportunity.


  1. It’s all about the support

The first thing to look for in any new opportunity is the support that is offered in starting up the business. Are you offered marketing materials, do you have a client base or a potential lead base to work with? If things go wrong, who can you turn to dig you out of the hole and get you back on track to building a solid business. Our success in business is achieved by finding the right product or service to sell that has the right support that has an interest in seeing you succeed.

  1. Who is your customer?

How big is your market? Are you selling to one specific demographic or customer? The more people you can reach with your product the better, so make sure you look at products and services that are used in everyday life, or that everyone in your target market owns. Good examples are cars and homes, almost everyone around the world that has disposable income has a car or a home, or both and they want to keep them maintained as a matter of personal pride, so offering a product in this category is a viable market in which to operate.


  1. Can you see yourself doing this forever?

Success in business is so much a part of being happy with what you are doing in life to produce. Make sure that choose an opportunity that sits well with your mind and soul and is something that you can see yourself doing for years to come. This will help you establish your vision for where you want the business to go as well as give you the motivation you need to get the work done every day.


  1. Is the income sustainable and does it offer growth?

This factor is key because if you aren’t making money, you are going to become incredibly frustrated very quickly as you eat through your savings to keep your business activities afloat. So, choose an opportunity that allows you to earn right from the start at a pace that is directly related to your efforts. The most important feature of the earning capability of the new business opportunity is if it offers the potential for growth and expansion in the future.


  1. Scaling opportunities

Expanding your business by using the existing system you have built leads to scaling opportunities where you can leverage the time and effort of others to increase your income. Any great opportunity should offer a good scaling model that is easily implemented and built on the foundations of solid business systems.

Scaling is simply the act of using the system you have built to create another identical income stream. This amplifies your earnings without increasing workflow very much, giving you the power to use other people’s time to earn income.


The final thought

There are many new business opportunities out there. With the introduction and adaptation of the internet, we now have a myriad of opportunities presented to us at the click of a mouse. Finding the right one that suits your character and work ethic may be a challenge but if you follow the tips above, you may have an easier time of vetting and selecting the opportunity that works for you.


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