Which are the on-page and off-page factors you should take into consideration?

offpageAh, the complex but interesting world of Search engine optimization. There is something that is very well known about SEO and that is, some rules apply when trying to guarantee your success. Now, not all rules apply to the things users see on the website.

The things behind the camera also have a very big influence on the success of your website and the SEO techniques you apply to it. Now, in this article I want to talk to you about just that. I want to show you everything users should be seeing onstage as well as what you should be doing to guarantee success offstage!

The first off-page factor I want to talk about is trust!

Do you really think users are going to visit a website that just seems like a virus or a link to something shady? Of course not! So, that means you have GOT to work on creating trust in your users.

Make sure you and the company you hire to create SEO content are actually putting some effort into making links, shares and reviewing all factors that make your website a trusted one and one that has enough authority to be trusted by users because believe me, this will guarantee a definite success. Let me tell you something, a company that can easily achieve this task is CSEO.

Another off page factor is: how long has your website been around?

This is another factor that will influence on a user’s trust level. Why? Because, why would you for example trust purchasing something online from a shady website that was just created a few days before your purchase? You get my point right? So, make sure you and your website have been around long enough so that users can visit your website and actually stay in it!

Now, one of the on page factors that I consider to be the most important is: the quality of the content shown!

I don’t know about you but, when I visit a website with a low quality when it comes to content and visuals, I remove myself from it immediately. I just KNOW, everyone else does the same thing so, make sure the website is filled with quality and useful content for the audience you are targeting.

Words, words, words

Everyone in the SEO world knows that this is key. Make sure you are using the correct words in the titles and links to your website so that users can find your website at the top of their search.



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