Looking into making SEO reports for clients? Here are 3 things to do if you want to do them perfectly!

cseoKeeping your customers happy is something you need to make sure you are doing if you want to keep your seo business as successful as companies like cseo. But, this is not easy task, hard work and dedication needs to go into it. If you happen to have a job related to the seo world, then you know your customers are going to need quality content from you if you want to keep them coming back.

But, are the high quality standards only limited to the creation of content? This my friend, is where you may forget that clients also want to measure the changes and success their website is experiencing through seo so, they also need high quality reports to measure this.

First, know your client’s needs and goals

Why do I consider this to be important? Because, if you know at the end of the day what your client is essentially looking to achieve, then this should be placed at the top of the report you present them.

For example some companies might be focused on increasing sales through the creation of content online but others might be looking into increasing organic traffic so, this is something you need to consider when generating the final report for your customer.

Express everything through metrics and focus on conversion rates

At the end of the day, most of your customers will be looking into increasing the organic traffic to their website as I mentioned before so, they will probably be asking about conversion rates if the goal is to increase traffic to their website. So, make sure you are not caught off guard when your customer wants to ask for this in your report.

Don’t just focus on data an numbers, think of recommendations as well

This is something that your customers will appreciate greatly as most companies need to have some knowledge and ideas that come from a third party and who knows, by recommending alternatives, your customer might ask for even more from your seo company so, the more services they want from you, the better.


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