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Everything you need to know about stretch film

zebAs a business owner or perhaps a home owner with a large amount of items you’ll know the importance of correct storage; as a business owner you’ll know how important it is to store your products correctly and of course economonically, so you’re probably always looking for new and cheaper ways to achieve this result. Today we’re going to feature a great product which can be used for various storage uses and it’s called stretch wrap film.


What is stretch film?

As the name suggests it’s a film like substance (thin plastic) which can be stretched and used for the covering of various items. The product is elastic in nature which means when used for covering items it keeps the product tightly bound and can create air tight seals when used in the packaging of food products.  A similar product on the market is something called ‘shrink wrap’ the difference between the 2 products is that the latter requires some form of heating element such as a heating gun which you then use to shrink the plastic onto the required item.


What are the used of stretch film?

This film is mainly used in industrial premises and large kitchen premises to keep food stored correctly. It is used in industrial settings for pallet securing, so what will happen is pallets are often stacked high with product and then the wrap is used to keep all of the items secure on the pallet.

There are two main methods of the Pallet Wrapping process which are used by companies around the world; the first method used is Vertical Development and the second method used is Horizontal Development.  The tension of the wrapping ensures that the products on the pallet stay secure for transport as the tension keeps the items in place. Stabilisation of products for transports is incredibly important in these industries as it can cause untold damage to products and this film is one way of storing these products correctly.


What are the different types of film available?

Types of stretch film include bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film and static dissipative film.

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