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ecommerce fulfilment solutions.

cyncAs an ecommerce business owner you’ll know that scale is incredibly important to your business and it can create some big obstacles in the supply chain process as you start to grow your business. We live in a world now where products can be ordered through the click of a few buttons and people expect their products to arrive in a timely fashion. As your business grows this can become more and more intense to handle; thankfully there are companies like Cync which can help you manage your ecommerce fulfilment solutions.

They have heavily invested in a bespoke piece of fulfilment software that allows you to keep track of your stock and see its activity as well as notifying you when stock levels are low among many other amazing features focusing on your branding as well as full analytics including tracking links. So don’t delay and get in touch with one of their team today to see how they can help you.


kapIf you are a part of a B2B company, otherwise known as a business-to-business company, you know that you must keep a good relationship with the other businesses your business is selling to. That’s why account management is so important as its main goal is to create and manage relationships with customers and be their contact point when they’re ready to buy.


Here are a few of the top account management trends for B2B companies:



So many companies are focused on providing a customer-centric experience, which takes a look at the customer’s lifetime value with your company. Instead of just using that, mix in some customer-focused techniques that will help you provide experience across all points to find what your customers value the most. In the end, you will have happy customers who will remain loyal to your company.



Studies show that internet users respond much more when the information they’re provided is either a video or a visually-appealing image will draw attention more than walls of text. If your customer asks you for information on a product, it might be best to send them a video explaining the product, or an infographic that doesn’t have a lot of text. This will make buying a breeze for your customers and can keep them excited about the products you have to offer. Likewise, if you have the chance to meet, you could try screen-sharing or Skyping with them to explain a product more thoroughly.



Account automation has become one of the most popular aspects of a company in the last few years. This allows you to use a program to schedule emails or tasks to be completed. This can help account managers for B2Bs in a lot of ways. Managers can send out alerts on product sales, or can send out reminders for their customers to reorder a product they may start running low on. This can also help you generate leads, learn more about your customers, and manage marketing campaigns.



Sales teams are all about making money, but account managers are about maintaining the relationship with the customers. This often can cause tension among different sectors of a B2B company. Instead of fighting about who should be doing what and how one benefits the company more, align your efforts and collaborate. This can be the best way to focus on the customer and improve their experience in the long run. Share goals within the different departments of your company, and offer rewards for meeting them. This is sure to bring everyone together for the benefit of the company and the customer.



In conclusion, these were just a few of the several account management trends for B2B companies. Take advantage of each of these trends to help better your business. This is sure to keep your customers coming back for more. If you would like to find out more please visit you can find out more about the great team here or why not check out some of their services.

IT support services

ITAs a business owner you’ll know how stressful it can be when it comes to running your business, there are all sorts of daily aspects of your business you need to take into account for example human resources, project management, business development and growth and of course the ever growing demands of the IT side of your business. Thankfully there are some great solutions and companies out there which can help you with the IT aspect of your business.

You can find a full range of services and IT support packages which include but are not limited too  fully managed to proactive support no matter how big or small your business is as well as handing over the entire running of your IT systems to Fully Managed Support services this all allows you to concentrate on the important aspects of your business such as business growth and doing what you’re good at.

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